Cool rc related decal


Hello everyone! Hope everyone is healthy still. Due to the covid-19 situation my family has lost over 50% of our monthly income. Paying bills and especially feeding ourselves has become s struggle at times. In an effort to try and make up a but if that lost income, my wife designed this really cool decal. It's made from outdoor rated vinyl and can be made in the color of your choice. They are sized at around 7x5 inches. My wife is asking $2 for one. We can even mail them to the address of your choice, I'll even throw in a complimentary Clorox wipe! Contact me thru the group message system or text me at 2703048079. Thanks for all the support and encouragement that I've received from EVERYONE is our club. I've fallen deeply in love with the hobby. 

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William Curl

I'll take one in black.


Hey jason...can u make me 2 decals saying FrankenTimber...  about 4 by 2 that all fit fuselage? If so let me know hiw much and I'll pay you